Do You Remember Those Torn-Down Stories? Those Burned-Down Poems?

Maybe Your Kids Are Doing The Same Now.

Let's Showcase Their Literary Skills,

Let's Bless Them With New Wings To Fly.


About Us

Your Wishes matter

Wishes are Prayers soaked in Love, and inkiddos values your wishes.

Inkiddos is a socially responsible organization formed in 2021, as a global group of poets and writers dedicated to the search and proliferation of literature writing skills of children. Also, we do our best in helping children to be responsible by making good choices to understand life, with a creative mindset. We all, the parents, the guardians, and the mentors are accountable for the well-being and happiness of the next generation of kids. Everyone has to play their part to make this world a better place to live with love and prosperity.

A publication produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, has provided Guidelines on mental health promotive and preventive interventions for adolescents, released in 2020. The guidelines include a core set of evidence-informed strategies to promote and protect adolescent mental health. Writing is therapeutic, and a better way to express those feelings which otherwise freeze unheard in the vocal cords. Writing can be an important outlet. Poetry can do wonders for the emotional literacy of your child. A study published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience by Professor Kuniyoshi L. Sakai, a neuroscientist at the University of Tokyo and the corresponding author has revealed that writing emotions on paper can lead to more brain activity when remembering the information an hour later. The researchers explained that the unique, complex, spatial, and tactile information associated with writing by hand is likely what leads to improved memory and helps stronger memory recall. The research was completed with collaborators from the NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting.

Recent literature on poetry therapy describes the benefits of poetry practice as it can be utilized as “an effective therapeutic tool”. In “Flourish,” the psychologist Martin Seligman proposed that psychological well-being consists of “PERMA: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.” The study claims that practicing poetry can positively contribute to one flourishing with greater psychological well-being by positively influencing their emotions, engagement or “flow” experiences, social relationships, sense of meaning or purpose in life, and personal accomplishments.


What we do?

inkiddos is committed to ensuring that unheard innocent and creative voices must be reflected on this global platform by publishing the selected poetry, stories and short fiction.

We promote adolescent and youth participation in literary interventions to incorporate Source of Strength (SOS).

We involve with global partnerships to create the right opportunities for children to express their views and be heard.

We thrive to create a poetry anthology collection by children.

We support the Strengthening Families Programme (SFP), an initiative by UNICEF to improve caregiver–adolescent bonding by providing written consultation to all poetic society, communities, and families.

We encourage Positive Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH).

We facilitate wide-reaching consultations at all levels of poetic society and to the serious upcoming poets (4-18) for youth capacity building.

We follow a universal set of standards to adhere with all countries

Through 'The Expert's Corner' Inkidoss encourages, subject experts and conscious humans to submit their content as developmental guide/articles/studies/reports/news, which helps the betterment of creativity, mental health, or writing skills of children.


Primary Potential outcomes

Our Research team has concluded the following Primary Potential outcomes of writing the poetry:

  • Reductions in substance use improved well-being;
  • Reduction in depression and anxiety;
  • Improve early childhood development by Expressive writing, Reflective writing, Creative writing, and Writing for self-awareness;

In this virtual era of AI, global pandemics, and natural calamities, these components are the keys to good mental health and a great start for a loveable life.

inkiddos follows the global strategies that focus on peaceful, healthy, and happy environments for children to promote and protect adolescent mental health. We advocate safe and loving support to parents and other caregivers so that our little buds bloom with bright colours. inkiddos provides a global platform that encourages the young generation to study and create poetry and/or writing. We offer a virtual platform to showcase their dreams and imagination, wrapped in the beautiful innocence of literary skills. We value your child’s expressions and experiences by providing the best channel to play with language using words, metaphor, and meter to communicate with poetic ideas, feelings, sounds, and gestures.

Let’s encourage them to Spark with creative thinking and wisdom. Send your child’s writings to us. Bless them with new wings to fly.


Published Authors

These are a few of our published Authors. Your kid also can become the youngest published author in your family, who has signed an inkiddos contract to publish internationally.

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