Discover Rainbow

Yesterday my friend told me about her secret to success… It’s Love. She discovered her rainbow soul because her heart is full of love, happiness and enthusiasm for life. I truly believe that people with beautiful souls are the treasures of this planet. No, don’t get me wrong it’s not a spiritual blog but I… Continue reading Discover Rainbow

Check your Style

Parenting and parenting styles are the common display behaviours that we follow to support the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of our kids. It used to be the obvious social behaviour or pattern in earlier times but now, the parents of the modern era are more aware or willing to adopt the best parenting… Continue reading Check your Style

Grow with experiences

This unusual year has brought out the best in the society. For most families the year was not a tranquil it actually set to go one way and then the pandemic and war threw plans and expectations into disarray. Every family has a story that they cannot tel. Loss, Death, disappointment, insecurity, helplessness, frustration and… Continue reading Grow with experiences

Hard Work- Work Hard

(Part-2) Dear Parents and loving kiddos, I am bound to share a heart touching story of a 19-year-old bright young boy named Pradeep Mehra, whose action speaks louder than a thousand words about Hard Work. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you have the dedication and patience, this motivational spirit has been spread… Continue reading Hard Work- Work Hard

Hard work- A true business of Success

Yes, my today’s headline might sound strange, you might be thinking that hard work is not a business it’s a habit. I also grew up listing my elder’s advice like “Hard work is the key to success” and “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, or “Nothing ever comes to one that is… Continue reading Hard work- A true business of Success

Community involvement

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”- Winston Churchill Yes dear parents, today we are going to underline the need to inculcate the habit of community participation for our kids. The meaningful action without any expectation of return is essential to make a better future… Continue reading Community involvement

Emotional Strength

My today’s heading might sound ironic to a few people because being emotional is generally considered as a sign of weakness rather than a strength. When we see someone crying while watching movies or during a farewell, feeling passionate and excited about things you love, and considering unethical or angry outbursts over social injustice, we… Continue reading Emotional Strength

The Stars of Success

Every kid is born with a sparkling aura, they emit pure energy with fearless smiles. But what happened when we grow up? To shine like a star one has to twinkle which means we should give them space to explore their interest, area and time frame. Every kid has the right to shine, live happily… Continue reading The Stars of Success

What do children need and what do they want?

We often get confused with what our children want and what they need. Well, what they want, definitely matters concerning their age group, for example, Five to ten-year-olds love to talk a lot about various things and believe me it is the best age to train them physically. They are keen learners and show interest… Continue reading What do children need and what do they want?

A Road to Success

Does success matter in your life? We all want to be successful, happy and healthy. I believe it is interlinked. Happiness cannot be attained without physical and mental health likewise success plays a vital role in complete happiness. The degree of success may matter from person to person but all the parents in the communities… Continue reading A Road to Success

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