Welcome Child

Welcome—child—Welcome—to the NowYou—are here…I—am here…We—are here…Providing—safe space—and sustenance—that you—might…thrive…It is—your life—your…plan—our…promise…Greeting you—with joySupporting—your reach—your choice—your lessonsThat…what Love—you hold—might…be…revealed—freed to spread—bringing—change & growth—to all you touch—and…perceive…Take our hands—find your strengthWe stand—providing stabilityAs you—pull yourself up—finding—our eyes & smiles…Learn to—find the earth—with full contact—(a process—of balance—and intent)…Changing—your CenterGrowing strong—and confident…Discovering—a…fall—is simply—a series of recoveries(Each one—something to hold—in… Continue reading Welcome Child

Creative Writing

What is Creative Writing? Creative writing is an expressive form of literature that demands and galvanises one to use one`s creativity and imagination to portray and convey a particular message and emotion. Creative writers write for effect. The key word is creativity. That is why authors are expected and enthused to think outside the box.… Continue reading Creative Writing

Of Bug Houses & The Outdoors

“Please could you buy me a bug house mummy?”. This was Little R’s request for his 4th birthday. Even as a baby he was happiest outdoors exploring flowers and grass in the garden or being entirely amazed at the sight of bugs and insects. As soon as he learnt how to walk he would waddle… Continue reading Of Bug Houses & The Outdoors

Tap the Power

The future generation of budding youth has the untapped great energy, wonderful ideas, and infinite creative skills to shape a better world. The present youth has been through great psychological and social stigma due to the Global pandemic and unstable economic structure. They are full of hope and through innovation, imagination and powerful mental strength,… Continue reading Tap the Power

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