The Rainy Day

It was midnight. Lily hadn’t eaten since lunch. She wanted a snack to munch on. She was really hungry. She checked the fridge, the cupboard Everywhere in the house, she thought she would get at least Something to eat. Alas, she had nothing. She knew it would not Be safe to go outside at such… Continue reading The Rainy Day

Emma and Clara

The story started with a woman who was a scientist and she had 2 twin daughters (Emma and Clara). Her husband died in a car accident a long time ago. The girls had many friends at school. They were very popular but their behavior wasn’t really good, as they talked bad to teachers and bully… Continue reading Emma and Clara

The day I became a Time traveler!

One day, I was going on a field trip and we were going to a science laboratory. I was sleeping in the bus as always. Ksksksks. We reached the laboratory. “Wake up Himank Wake up!” my friend Tejas urged. “Okay, Okay. But then I have to tell you The Periodic Table once again.” I insisted.… Continue reading The day I became a Time traveler!

Her first time at school

Chapter 1  Our story starts with a girl called Luna. She lived in Mexico. She was 15 years. She had a horse which was her best friend. Her mom worked in a barn and her dad owned a factory but it was located in America, so they didn’t see the father much. They were a… Continue reading Her first time at school

New Year Magic

This New Year we did not have a Christmas tree. Friends were supposed to come to my party. But we couldn’t buy a real Christmas tree a thorny, scent, fluffy beauty. When my mother left for work, I asked her to buy garlands and toys to somehow decorate the rooril. I have been preparing for… Continue reading New Year Magic

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