Community involvement

Community involvement

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”- Winston Churchill

Yes dear parents, today we are going to underline the need to inculcate the habit of community participation for our kids. The meaningful action without any expectation of return is essential to make a better future and brighter present. The participatory activities or activities that support and improve social wellbeing is community service or community involvement. I advocate discussing this kind gesture with your children or loved ones to introduce them to Community involvement like volunteering for or donating to local schools, neighbourhood associations, government, and/or non-profit organizations.

But Why the community engagement is beneficial?

Practical Experiences in the real world can teach children more closely than classroom set-up. Social and self-awareness skills cannot be taught in a closed room. It is important to go beyond the textbooks and make them familiar with the social situations that foster their learning with real-life brainstorming lessons. 

Considering the present-day International scenario, It’s never too early to get kids to participate in some form of community work.


Expose them to a variety of causes and skills

There are a variety of different organizations that take one-off or extended projects that kids can initiate. Talk to the teachers and social activists.

Cultivate stakeholders

To cultivate stakeholders, children need to recognize the mission and the community values that are being upheld through a non-profit organization when they’re trying out volunteer opportunities.

Measure the impact rather than the hours spent

Ask them to focus on the impact of the work rather than the number of hours.

Discuss community involvement at dinnertime

As dinnertime conversations are an ideal way to organically discuss causes and skills, we the parents can unlock ideas about community service that will be a great fit for your child.

 Curate a list of problems in the world that one can help solve

In September the UN released a list of sustainable development goals, ranging from quality education to gender equality to climate action. Find suitable or interesting organizations in the local area that specialize in that issue.

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