Discover Rainbow

Discover Rainbow

Yesterday my friend told me about her secret to success… It’s Love. She discovered her rainbow soul because her heart is full of love, happiness and enthusiasm for life. I truly believe that people with beautiful souls are the treasures of this planet. No, don’t get me wrong it’s not a spiritual blog but I would like to help you with core tips and tricks to raising a successful child with a beautiful soul. 

What is a Rainbow-Soul?

A rainbow-soul is often considered a hopeful, cheerful, and bright person. Yes, we all wish to raise such children who can overcome each hurdle with grace after a storm in life. He/she must be capable enough to find a pot of gold and good fortune at the rainbow’s end. We all pray for them so that our kids can represent inclusivity and diversity in this uncertain social scenario. We wish to see them embracing the image of love, peace and friendship. I believe we should always appreciate the beautiful rainbow soul, it helps them to sustain their self-esteem and self-confidence. You must agree with me that every child is born with this beauty of soul it is our job and responsibility to sustain that spark in the spirit. A rainbow soul is not rare to find traces with a kind and loving heart, a positive vibe and a peaceful aura. They help everyone around them unconditionally to achieve their best or with any help possible. 

Teach Your Kid The Characteristics of a Rainbow Soul

As Rainbows are the most magical and fascinating phenomenon that occurs in the eyes of Mother Nature, it’s hard to neglect that sense of wonder as we witness something truly divine and special. At the doorstep of any age, we can stretch our smiles by looking at a rainbow.

Let’s analyse a few amazing facts about rainbows:

  1. You can never get to the end of a rainbow-

We can inculcate limitless capabilities in our children. You should let them hunt for a pot of gold i.e. wisdom. You can never actually get to the end of a rainbow! Because a rainbow is based on the orientation of the observer (you) and the light source (the sun), when you move, the rainbow will move, too. Likewise, the opportunity to grow and gain is endless, it is based on the kid’s capability.

2. You can see a circular rainbow from the sky- 

While you’re on the ground, you can only observe the classic semi-circular rainbow (hence the word ‘bow’). However, when you’re flying in an aeroplane and looking down below, you can see a rainbow as a complete circle! The right values can complete the circle of your kid’s characters. You just have to provide the right weather or circumstances (mental/physical/social) to let them grow.

3. You are less likely to see a rainbow in the winter- 

Surprised why? Simply because of snow! A rainbow is the result of light passing through a spectrum i.e. a collection of raindrops, therefore, having that light broken up and refracted into individual colours. You should always provide the warmth of love and protection to your child.

4. A double rainbow appears when light is reflected twice in a raindrop-

Have you ever got a chance to see a double rainbow? A double rainbow occurs when the light is reflected twice through the raindrops, and thus, you can see two distinct reflections that are coming from two different angles. A rainbow soul is also a reflection of two-way growth, inner and outer. The inner values can be enhanced in multiple ways (I’ve discussed in other posts, the link will be shared in the description box) and you can stretch the outer circle of your kid by setting the example of socializing, problem-solving, team spirit, sportsmanship, good communication skills, kind and friendly approach, learning aptitude and exploring the life while travelling.

5. Earth is the only planet in the solar system with rainbows- 

Yes, Jupiter has constant hurricanes of gas and Mars may even have some frozen water but our Earth is the only planet in our solar system capable of creating rainbows, discuss the importance of humankind with your loved ones so that they can learn to respect and value life with all its folds.

I can also describe the environmental conditions on the Saturn moon of Titan, where scientists believe that there might be liquid methane rainstorms, and the atmospheric hazy challenge where the sunlight cannot passes through the methane drops to create a rainbow. But why am I telling you this extra information… I want you to analyse all the aspects of your child’s capacity and capability honestly so that you can measure the actual potential of his/her calibre.

6. No two people see the same rainbow

If two persons are standing next to one another looking at a rainbow, they’re still not seeing the same rainbow! Why? That’s because a rainbow has no constant physical presence; a rainbow is a purely optical phenomenon, and its appearance – its precise shape, arc, and the width of its colour bands will be slightly different according to the eye of the beholder.

That means there’s one more amazing like your child, every person is unique with different scales of potential.

Dear readers, you can share the fact/experiences about rainbows in the comment box so that we together can grow like Rainbow-Souls.

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