Emma and Clara

The story started with a woman who was a scientist and she had 2 twin daughters (Emma and Clara). Her husband died in a car accident a long time ago. The girls had many friends at school. They were very popular but their behavior wasn’t really good, as they talked bad to teachers and bully their friends at school.

Their mother didn’t know that. They were a family where each one of them lived on his own which was a bad thing actually.

One day the girls were going to the club when their mother received a call from a girl in Clara and Emma’s school. The girl’s name was Emily. Her mother was calling Chloe to tell her to make her kids stop annoying and bullying her daughter.

The mother (Chloe) was shocked when he knew her daughters had done that. Immediately she called Emma. Emma was surprised her mother knew but then she said that she and her sister actually annoy people at their school.

The mother decided to make her girls learn the lesson and told them to go home in a very angry voice. When they arrived home she made the daughters call any person at school that they bullied one day. People were happy that Emma and Clara did that.

The next day, the girls apologized to their teachers and tried to focus on their studies and homework more than anything. For the first time in their life, they cleaned the whole house and washed the dishes, and did the laundry. They paid a visit to their mother’s laboratory. They had so much fun doing experiments there. They were the popular girls in the street, school, shops, and even to their neighbors. The lesson is that you should be nice to everyone because that would make you happy deep inside.

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