Her first time at school

Her first time at school

Chapter 1 

Our story starts with a girl called Luna. She lived in Mexico. She was 15 years. She had a horse which was her best friend. Her mom worked in a barn and her dad owned a factory but it was located in America, so they didn’t see the father much. They were a very rich family, but Luna wasn’t very happy because she doesn’t have any friends and her cousins were too young for her as they were kids. One day she told her parents that she wants to go to school to make new friendships with other people her age. Her dad refused until her mother convinced him so he agreed. But how will she go to school? She decided to go with her horse every single day. Which was a really hard mission but she insisted she won’t give up. She packed her things and she took some money from her parents and went straight to England. She tried to find a really small apartment that fits her needs until she find an apartment which was a little far from school. She slept till next day.

Chapter 2 

Next morning, she went to take the test in school. The test was really hard for her since she has never gone to school but she was approved luckily. They told her that school will start tomorrow she was very happy by the news. She called her parents who shared the happiness with her.  She fed her horse, had lunch and went to sleep. Next day she went on her horse and wore her traditional Mexican clothes and went to school. At first people saw that she was weird but soon they heard her story and realized how adventurous she is. She was a great student at class as she had information from her random experiences. She made a friendship with a girl called Sara they were great friends they shared everything together. But sadly one day after 3 months of strong friendship. Sara had to transfer schools and go to another country. Luna was kind of upset but she still called Sara. Luna had no other friends who accepted her the way she is but she tried to make new friendships with other people until she joined a friend group of 3 people (lily, mike and john) they treated her nice but not like Sara did. Soon they stopped calling her to hang out or sitting with her at school so she decided to be independent and make herself happy.

Chapter 3 

After 3 years when she turned 18 she decided to go back to Mexico and live with her parents. Her parents really missed her and were willing to see her. She was as happy as they were. After 2 months of working with her mother in the barn. She paid her dad a visit in America and saw his huge factory and she ate some samples from stuff they make there. Luna talked to her dad for hours and spent a week with him and with her horse went back to Mexico with her mom. She realized that being happy isn’t just with having friends, being happy is being pleased with what you have whatever it is. She appreciated her parents standing by her side in everything and the story ended happily ever after.

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