When you see someone in need your heart melts. You sense a  kind of empathy. Something triggers your soul  to act upon the required or asked help? Have you ever thought  , what can be the reason for this?

Yes, we include this topic to discuss about, one of the most common yet ignorant traits in human beings (or we should say in the entire animal species.) It’s a primary universal character Kindness in the virtue category of humanity, but have you observed the frequency of action with kind behaviour in your child?

Well, inkkidos will help you to identify this trait. It doesn’t come alone and is accompanied by other basic traits like loyalty, honesty, courage, integrity, fortitude and other virtues that define a human and trust me we are all born with these universal characteristics. We just forget to appreciate our own ‘God’s gifts’. The presence of this trait helps your child build a good character that strengthens not only your family but also humanity.

Guess why it is necessary? 

The practical answer is mental strength, as it involves prevalent character strengths like being generous, caring, and compassionate that helps boost inner peace and wellbeing against the negative effects of stress. On the other hand a person with good character act with morality and ethics that is globally appreciated apart from race, caste, creed, gender, religion, region and position. The world is creating opportunity for every child, help them to grab it.

How to identify the character traits in your child?

The Character traits include (all or one) common behaviour like:

Courage- Grit
Curiosity- Zeal
Self-Control- Balance Behaviour
Social Intelligence- Awareness for Self And Others
Zest- Excitement and Enthusiasm
Optimism- Hopeful
Gratitude- Thankfulness
Empathy- Care
Self-Esteem- Respect

How to help children

  • Model Kindness- Be the role model for your child to teach Him/her Kindness in your activities and decisions.
  • Teach Empathy with Intentionality- Expand the outset of your child to react or enact without expectations. Teach him we all are the same with or without money. 
  • Celebrate Kindness- 13 November is celebrated globally as World Kindness Day, though it is not as popular as 14 February, we are supposed to Wear Blue for Kindness (WB4K) depicting “No limits like the sky and water”. You can also celebrate kindness week with non-judgemental open house discussions and rewards for kind behaviour. You can also start Parent’s community to exchange the views.
  • Fill the Morning with love and a smile- I feel that a day should start with a fresh and love-filled smile. It will work like a buffer for the day. 
  • Emphasis on Friendship- Teach your child the value and importance of friendship. Tell them to never judge others, people act differently because of multiple factors.
  • Include Social Stories in your book rack so that your child can build a Problem-solving attitude with kind actions and a global mindset. 
  • Be the ACTION- Last but not least you and only you have to act for this big change in your children’s lives. 

We understand it is quite difficult to judge your loved one but trust me you are the best observer if you love someone, your child needs a soft scale to learn and expand the graph of human characteristics. A study scared me when I read 80% of middle schoolers valued personal success over kindness, It is like a sky where we cannot gain the materialistic benefits but we can see the vast character building with due course of time. One of my close friends sensitized me with the fact that for ages the parents are teaching this fundamental value addition in a future generation but this is the time we should discuss and appreciate Kindness.

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