New Year Magic

This New Year we did not have a Christmas tree. Friends were supposed to come to my party. But we couldn’t buy a real Christmas tree a thorny, scent, fluffy beauty. When my mother left for work, I asked her to buy garlands and toys to somehow decorate the rooril.

I have been preparing for the New Year for a long time. My parents knew and allowed me to call my friends. But we were at odds with my best friend – Anvar. And I was not going to put up with him. On the contrary, I wanted to take revenge on him this year. Although, dad always told me: «Do not dig a hole for another — you can fall into it yourself)).

And he warned that Santa does not present gifts to bad children. But I didn’t care, I was very angry with Anvar and did not want to forgive him. In the afternoon we met with a former friend. He started talking first: «Let’s put up because soon the New Year. All quarrels must be left in the past. Let’s make a snowman together and call it Friendship». I decided not to continue the war and make peace with a friend: «Come to me tomorrow for the New Year party. It will be fun. Only we will not have a Christmas tree – we did not have time to buy it)). When I was saying that to Anvar, I saw my mother walking home and carrying a big beautiful fluffy tree in her hands! I was so staring at her that I even fell. It was such a big cool surprise!

Probably, they say the truth that New Year should be celebrated with friends, in a good mood, and without bad thoughts. Then all wishes will come true and the whole year will be good. I had a great New Year party with my best friends and nice family! I am sure that this year will be happy and successful for everyone and for me! Happy New Year to everybody!

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