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The future generation of budding youth has the untapped great energy, wonderful ideas, and infinite creative skills to shape a better world. The present youth has been through great psychological and social stigma due to the Global pandemic and unstable economic structure. They are full of hope and through innovation, imagination and powerful mental strength, they can influence and can build authority over their lives and present circumstances. How? Lets’ start with a basic understanding of this age group. 

What is Adolescence?

The beautiful travel experience and a critical link between childhoods to adulthood is the adolescence phase. The age of mysterious transition can be characterized by the best physical, psychological, and social developments. 

To all of us, it is a time of uncertain behaviour, identity formation, and personality development. A neurological instinct by risk-taking, experimentation and skill-building are natural growth factors. We commonly experience curiosity, hormonal growth, whereas the increased peer pressure by parents and society may affect the child’s emotional well-being. We, as a parent, should experiment with independence and decision-making with our children. 

Stages of adolescence (10 to 19)

The three stages: 

  • Early adolescence, (11-14 )
  • Middle adolescence (15-17)
  • Late adolescence (18-21) 

The Power of budding youth

Adolescence is a critical age that accompanies new risks but is also a hub of great opportunities that positively influence the mental health of young people.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health, has published two discussion guides about research on adolescent brain development, functioning, and capacity. This study explains the Power of the Adolescent Brain[1], where A TAG Talk uses research to shine a light on adolescent brain development. Neurologist Dr Jensen shares practical suggestions for practitioners and families with adolescents.

How can we empower youth?

We can start with the periodic time-sharing schedule to allow them to express, speak and share their day-to-day experiences. We realize the need for critical ways to empower our children and encourage their ideas. I wish to share a few ways to understand and empower the children with basic but essential life lessons:

  • Develop to Listen More- attitude 
  • Right Mentorship
  • Pass the Torch of knowledge/wisdom from Old to New Generation 
  • Practice being humble
  • Value Other’s opinion and respect each other’s work with kindness, courtesy and politeness

The Action time

  • Encourage them to use their passions for meaningful
  • Support without judging or criticizing
  • Guide them with various points of view and not take disagreement personally
  • Provide the child with a chance to fail but help them to learn the success stories
  • Develop a problem-solving attitude to brainstorm and reflect
  • Express the proud feeling of progress
  • Express unconditional and abundant love

Positive parenting or mentorship is a delightful journey, where we experience both positive and negative emotions. I believe we must encounter each phase with an optimistic attitude, try not to sink deeply into it that we can’t get out.

We all are on the verge of more happiness. Parenting is a beautiful experience to me where I learn to do things subconsciously now. Let’s start this New Year by counting the blessings and don’t overreact to problems.


SDG Documentation consultancy

(The Environmental-Gender consultants)


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