The day I became a Time traveler!

The day I became a Time traveler!

One day, I was going on a field trip and we were going to a science laboratory. I was sleeping in the bus as always. Ksksksks. We reached the laboratory.

“Wake up Himank Wake up!” my friend Tejas urged.

“Okay, Okay. But then I have to tell you The Periodic Table once again.” I insisted.

“Fine, but then we have to play truth or dare whenever we are bored.” Tejas challenged.

“Sure, but no things that we can’t do, okay.” I assured

“Yeah.” Tejas responded.

Then we went into the laboratory and right when I took a step inside some chemicals fell all over my hand. It didn’t hurt that much and I didn’t say anything. I just lifted the glass bottle that had chemicals in it and thought that nothing happened.

After the incident a few hours passed and the field trip was over. We went back in the bus and I started sleeping again. We reached school and we were packing up.

“Uhh Tejas, I never said The Periodic Table to you. Let me tell you now.”  I vowed

“Fine.” Tejas muttered.

A few minutes later, I was done with the periodic table and all Tejas’s sighs.

“Ahhh, ahh, ahhhhhhhh. Tejas my hand feels like it’s going to have blood all over. Uhh Tejas?” I yelled.

It looked like I froze time. Well, I did. So, I left a note on the teacher’s desk saying that I went to aftercare, ran home, got my piggybank plus the car keys, went in the car, sped through the streets, reached the Lego store, got all the Lego sets, put the right amount of money on the cashier’s desk, went to the car, sped home, dropped off the car keys and the Legos, ran back to school, took the note off the teacher’s desk, and went to the spot where I was earlier. After all that my hand stopped hurting.

Ring a ding a ring ring ring drdrdrdrdrrdrdrdrrrrr.It was the end of the day for others, for me I had to go to aftercare.

So, I went to aftercare and all my friends were there. Let me tell you a few of them. They were Rishabh, Saahil, Ishaan, and Emmad. I also have a lot more! In aftercare me and my friend Amari started a fundraiser for the homeless. We had to make a lot of products.

All of a sudden, my hand started hurting again and guess what I paused time. So, I started making the products and when I was done, I ran home got my iPad, started watching YouTube, continued watching for three hours, put my family’s iPad down, ran back to school and went where I was before. Guess what my hand stopped hurting. Perfect timing for the hand.

“How did we make all our products already.” Amari asked.

“I don’t know I think it was some magic.” I lied.

“Okay, now I really believe in magic!” Amari exclaimed.

A few minutes later at my house…

“Why is the house filled with Legos? Dad questioned.

“ Uhhhh, how should I know?” I hesitated.

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