The Rainy Day

It was midnight.
Lily hadn’t eaten since lunch. She wanted a snack to munch on. She was really hungry. She checked the fridge, the cupboard Everywhere in the house, she thought she would get at least Something to eat. Alas, she had nothing. She knew it would not Be safe to go outside at such dark, but if she would ignore her Hunger, she would starve. Neither of the options was fine so, gathering her helmet and keys, she went outside.

Lily lived in a small house near a very dangerous neighbourhood, she did regret living there but she didn’t have enough money to shift somewhere else. She sat on her scooter, thinking where to go for food, and set off …she finally found a store almost closing, but she somehow managed to grab bread and jam from the store.

On her way back home, it unexpectedly started raining. She wondered how because it was clear Skies in the morning. On the way back to her house she came across a man in a wheelchair. She thought he could do no harm but the man Suddenly got off his wheelchair, on his feet, and started chasing lily. She was frightened, going as fast as she could she still couldn’t reach her house …

And then she woke up in her mom’s lap. Her mom told her that she was whimpering in her dream so she came out to check her.

Good luck sleeping tonight!

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